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 Sex is a wonderful bond between a woman and a man.  It makes things happen magically and can create all types of happy feelings, especially for women.  Good sex and chemistry in a man can make us sell our souls for him. That is why we as women have to take precaution when it comes to giving up sex too fast to men that we really don't  know that well.  If you get to know him and he gets to know you as well, that will form a bond, therefore making it less likely of him disappearing out of your life after sex.  Remember ladies, men can separate sex from love, unlike us. 


As we all know, it is so hard to be a single mom and when you add dating to the mix, it can feel overwhelming.  The first thing that you need to do as a mother is to make sure that your child needs are taken care of emotionally and physically.  Always make sure that your child gets lots of attention from you and make sure that you create a positive and fun bond with them.  If you as a parent do all of the things that I mentioned, your dating life has an excellent chance of going smooth because when your kids are okay, then mentally you will be okay and ready to date. 

Single moms dating

10 things that turn men off

1. Talking too Loud.

2. Wearing a scarf or rollers to bed.

3. UGG boots.

4. Too much make-up.

5. Grandma looking robes.

6. Loose brief underwear.

7.A super controlling women.

8. Having sex on your period.

9. Boring and predictable sex.

10. Too clingy.

Cheating Men - How to Tell 10 Clues?

1. You catch him in lies.

2. Not calling you often.

3. Keeping his telephone locked.

4. Smells like women perfume.

5. He starts wearing new and sexier underwear all of a sudden.

6. Unexplained time lapses-without warning.

7. Rarely calls you after 10pm.

8. Rarely spends the night with you.

9. He is not in the mood for sex after 3 days.

10. New sex positions without talking to you about it before you all get intimate.

Faithful Men - 10 Things to look for and appreciate...

1. His telephone is always accessible to you.

2. He spends the night often or if you both live together, he is always at home at night.

3. You can call him at any hour.

4. His sex positions always stays the same-you should work on that..

5. He calls or texts you regularly.

6. He remembers your birthday.

7. He has a special title or name for you.

8. He brings lunch or dinner for you spontaneously.

9. He speaks about a future with you without you asking.

10. He protects you.

Dating-Cheating Men VS Faithful Men