7 Things a women must do to make a man fall deep in love with you!

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Get Him to Fall in Love with you!

1. Men need space:

Sometimes you will have to give him the space that he need and wants no matter how bad you want him. The simple fact is men hate to feel trapped, so by giving him the space he needs, he will appreciate you more. Women usually feel the opposite, most women would love for our men to be around us 24 hours a day, but men usually do not like that. We all have heard the saying 'Absence makes the heart grow fonder'. So ladies please give him the space that he need.

2. Keep up your appearance:

Take care of your appearance daily because it shows him how much you care about yourself and him. Men feel special when you are at your best, they will think that it is all for them. Change your style often to keep him interested. Don’t forget to exercise daily because it makes you look great and gives you confidence. Men love that about women. Some people think that it takes a lot of time and money to look your best but it doesn't. Nowadays there are so many shopping bargains to be found, it's called the internet. I'm going to give you a word of advice, men really do not care about the expensive price, they just want it to look sexy.

3. Just listen:

Listen to your man plans, wants and needs without making judgments on them. Men want to feel like they are in control most of the time because pride is the key to their survival. Remember to make what you talk to him about count, because men naturally drown things out when a lot of words are spoken. You may feel like you don't matter but you do matter to him, it is just one of those things that we have to understand about men. There are plenty of behaviors that we do as women that men will never comprehend, that is why we are viewed as complicated and mysterious. I love that about myself.

4. Loving messages:

Leave him sweet and caring messages, it doesn't matter what method you use to deliver the messages. Sometimes men feel stressed out and unsure of themselves, therefore by leaving them sweet and caring messages, you will help them have a great day. It will also get you closer to their mind and heart. We have so much technology now, therefore there's no excuse not to let him know that you're thinking about him. The goal here is to get him to the point of you being on his mind through out the day.

5. Make him feel like a king:

Men have a natural instinct to be a leader in the first place, therefore making him feel like a king will only enhance how he sees you and your beauty as a women. In return, he will get to the point of treating you like his queen. When a man see you as his queen, he will give his life to protect you, therefore making you his one and only love. Pow Pow you got him.

6. Choosing a fragrance:

Choose a fragrance that contains jasmine or Lilac! Men unconsciously go crazy over those scents. It's something about those scents in particular that makes men crave you. As humans good scents that we enjoy seems to record in our mind and replays over and over again when we come across it. That is why it's vital that we pick a scent that he love and stick to it and in return he will relate that smell to you.

7. Fire up the pot:

Learn how to cook at least 5 good meals that he enjoys. It is so true that one way to get to a man heart is through his stomach. Men are very simple creatures believe it or not, and all they want is to get their basic needs taken care of. The main one is through food. There are other things that's vital to men and we all know what they are, but food and sex are the two main ones. As women we should not be shocked because that's the key to their survival and recreation. Overall put your heart and soul into making some delicious meals.