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Diet - Light Exercise - Skin Care

"How to get your sexy back" It's Never To Late Girls" Here's How...

Diet Plan:Lose Weight Quickly

This 4 week natural make-over  is designed to detox your entire system so that you can start your entire  body and mind :

Day 1: Begins with a body detox.

  • Add 4 tsps of Epsom Salt and 1 freshly squeezed lemon to 16 Fl oz of warm water, let desolve.
  • Drink the Epsom Salt, also drink lots of water afterwards. It doesn't taste good but it WORKS. It cleans out your colon really good, but the only problem is getting it down your throat.  Epsom salt increases bile movements therefore removing food out of your system that has been there for weeks.
  • Take it early in the morning and make sure that you have complete access to a bathroom all day. (Lots of bathroom trips). You can eat light meals through out the day.

Day 2: Begins with a 4 week meal plan to help shed the pounds quickly.

  • Mornings: Eat lean meats such as ham, turkey or lean chicken. Make sure the meat has 3 grams of fat or less. You can have it with unsalted crackers.  Drink lots of water, coffee is okay to drink.
  • Afternoon: Fill up on watermelon, it keeps you full and satisfied plus watermelon has an excellent source of potassium and other nutrients.
  • Dinner: Vegetables, let them be your best friend. Make sure the vegetables that you eat is low in carbs such as broccoli, Cauliflower etc, frozen is fine.
  • Drink at least 1 8oz cup of green tea daily, it helps boost your metabolism. No soda, or juices.
  • This plan might get boring after a while but it sheds pounds quickly without starving your body, so stick with it.
  • It is always wise to talk consult with your doctor before starting any weightloss plan.

Exercise Plan:

  • 100 jumping jacks per day, do more if you can. Do these jumping jacks for (4) weeks straight, no missing. Also speed walk around your block at least 2 times everyday for (4) weeks straight, no missing.

Skin Care: Exfoliate your face naturally

How to get hydrated and youthful looking skin - Remove years off your face and get your plumpy skin back.

Things that you will need to exfoliate your face naturally.

  • 1 lemon
  • 1 cup of cherrios
  • Caress beauty bar soap
  • Retinol Moisturizer Cream for Face

1. Use a blender to grind up the cherrios, until it looks similar to flour.  Add water until it becomes a paste.

2. Wet your face and squeeze the lemon juice on it.

3. Next spread the cherrios paste all over your face, leave on for 10 minutes.

4. Use the caress beauty bar soap to clean your face.

5. Apply a small amount of Retinol Moisturizer Cream for Face... Use daily

6. Repeat steps 1-4 every 2 weeks.

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